vineri, 28 februarie 2014


Today we did the CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility group activity which meant going to a local school in a poor area of Ludhiana, run by the Swabhimaan NGO and interacted with the children. It has been one of the most rewarding moments of my life so far, although it left me thinking that there is so much more that should be done.

We did some preparation for the event and I paired up with Eduardo to set up the Mexico & Romania station where the kids would have a choice of 2 activities:
- jumping rope - a serious but enjoyable physical exercise
- guessing animals (and saying the animals' names in English) and the sounds that they make, starting from a picture

There were other learning activities as well, like learning the numbers in English, simple math, etc We played with the children, gave out candy and of course had a lot of pictures taken.

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