sâmbătă, 15 februarie 2014

Shopping on the weekend

First week of work has passed and everyone is excited about the weekend. The plan is to take it easy and relax on Saturday and then head up to Amritsar early morning on Sunday for a full day of visiting and taking pictures.

I wake up late on Saturday, have some breakfast and then we decide to take a stroll around the shops close to the hotel. There's plenty of small shops selling everything you can imagine, but mostly it's clothes, garments and the like. There are even the big brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma. Of course I have to go in and check the prices. Except when they have something on sale and it's 30-50% discount, the prices are almost the same as in Bucharest.. maybe 10-20% cheaper. I find a really nice sleeveless jacket on sale at Levis and I buy it, getting informed advice from my colleagues :)

And then suddenly everyone rushes to the door, because there are some people passing by and there's also an elephant. The men look dressed for an occasion, however I don't know what kind of event it is. 

First time I see an elephant so close and it is happening on a shopping street :)

 We take some pictures with the elephant and then Cathy bargains for a ride - 500 rupees for 3 people to ride the elephant - Chalo (Let's go) !

An incredible experience

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