vineri, 7 februarie 2014

First steps

I met some of my CSC colleagues in the evening, in the Munich airport, and got a chance to introduce ourselves and have a short conversation before we boarded the plane. I tried to sleep on the plane but the view was too beautiful :)

As we arrived in New Delhi, it was already morning.

The hotel was very close to the New Delhi main station which is a really crowded area. So crowded that it took us 30 minutes to find a taxi.

The plan was to do a little sightseeing since for most of us this was the only day we would spend in Delhi. We set our eyes on the Red Fort (which was relatively close to the hotel, judging from the tourist map) and then the Lotus Temple or the Humayun Tomb. However the first adventure was the taxi trip.. which I actually really enjoyed because it was so intensive. I like driving and I always thought that Bucharest is one of the most hectic places to drive in. How wrong was I !! I was constantly under the impression that we are going to hit someone, everybody was honking and I kept seeing cars and people moving towards us. However no accidents...and most importantly no stress. In all the noise and chaos, the drivers we were passing by were all relaxed and even smiling. I even spoke to some school children crossing the street who of course thought I was an American and stopped in the middle of the street to knock on the car's window and wave.
Here are some nice pictures from the places we visited:

I am already very grateful for being a part of the CSC experience and am looking forward to what will follow.

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