duminică, 23 februarie 2014

Trip to Shimla

On Friday we had a shorter workday so we could leave for Shimla earlier. It was supposed to be a long drive of 180-200 km which in India takes about 6 hours by car. We had rented a 9 seater mini-van for a group of 8. Everyone was enthusiastic to embark on a new adventure. We had some small stops on the way, one of which was at McDonalts :)

We reached Shimla late at night at around 10 PM. The hotel we had rented had tall rooms and they were very cold. It was 0 degrees outside and probably inside also. It was a difficult night, but everyone survived. 

On Saturday we had a small breakfast and headed for the Jaku Temple. A beautiful sight from the center of Shimla (the orange statue van be spotted on the left of the church, high up at the top of the mountain, rising thom the dense forest) but also a demanding walk up the mountain. 
I did the trip in 30 minutes with Kazu. We had to take some pictures on the way and also warch out for the monkeys that were always present and ready to steal anythingnvaluable to them. One had already stolen a pair of glasses from an elderly lady... perhaps a wannabe intellectual :). All joking aside the monkeys were a little more dangerous than I had imagined. We had no problems... and actually took a lot of pictures.

The view at the top
After the descent, we went for lunch in the city center at a cafe with good reviews

Walking and shopping untill it got late and then one more (very spicy) meal before going back to the hotel for a drinking game ;)

On Sunday we decided to take the train for a few stations (9 stations - 3 hours, to be more exact), since the railway station and trains are very famous and old. The view was indeed very enjoyable... Although not very comfortable...

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