miercuri, 26 februarie 2014

Driving in Ludhiana

No, this is not a post about how bad traffic is in Ludhiana, although it is bad, crowded and polluted, especially in the afternoon when the workday is coming to an end. This post is about my experiences getting behind the wheel of machines I had never planned for.

First experience is the so called 'auto' (from the full name 'auto-rickshaw') which is not a car, but a three wheeled machine which we see so often in Ludhiana and other bigger cities in India. Although it is small, it can fit up to a tested amount of 9 guys (including the driver) and can reach speeds of up to 50-60 kmph. I have had the opportunity to do a short drive test in the campus, where there is almost no traffic. It was a challenge because of the right side driving and because the gear stick is next to the left hand and goes only in an up-down motion, but overall a very enjoyable one. I think my passengers were happy because I honked less then the traffic demanded.

The 'beast' I drove.
Can you guess who was my driving instructor ?

The second driving experience was on a tractor. Although quite popular in Romania, I was never able to get my hands on one and drive it in the country-side. Luckily the professors at PAU were kind enough to let us have a ride. There are 3 gear positions and each gear positions has in turn several gears. There's also 2 breaks, one for each side. Oh.. and the front wheels can turn quite a lot, allowing for a sense of drifting at some points :)

Overall, wonderful moments and great learning experiences.

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